Your Mother Or Lover, Who Will You Take Out On Valentine's Day

This might sound like a difficult question to a lot of people today. As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, a lot of people are already planning on what to do, where to visit, how much to spend, the type of outfits to wear. 

Recall that this year's Valentine day happens to be on Sunday, and that majority of people will likely have to attend religious services before embarking on the next place to spend their Valentine's day.

However, in this case, you have to select who you will love to spend your Valentine's day with between your lover or your mum. Remember, that your mum gave birth to you and she sacrificed a lot for you while growing up. Your lover is someone who you are married too or about to marry. Either way, both are important in your life. So the question now his, who will you spend your Val with. You mum or your lover.

Share your opinion with us and state the reason why. Kindly comment, like and share this post with your friends.

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