Zara's Nikah Teasers February 2021 Zee world

Zee World Zara’s Nikah Teasers for February 2021

Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 219

Salma and Qazi accept Zara as their own daughter. Azra informs Zara Regarding the connection between Kabir and the Siddiquis. Kabir warns the Siddiquis from Zara and dissuades them from considering her daughter.

Tuesday 2 February 2021
Episode 220

Zara asks for Kabir’s aid to rescue herself and the children from the goons. Shortly, the goons snare Zara and notify Abid about exactly the same. When Abid threatens Zara, Kabir comes to her aid. Kabir and Zara conquer Abid and his goons up. Shahbaz gets Abid detained. Kabir bids goodbye to Qazi, also apologises to Zara.

Wednesday 3 February 2021
Episode 221

Comparison between both Zaras upsets Kabir. Shahbaz agrees with Rukhsar’s approach to win the elections. Qazi and Salma convince Zara to keep on staying together. Kabir tells Shahbaz he does not want to become ‘Sheher Qazi’. Abid stirs up trouble for Qazi and Zara.

Thursday 4 February 2021
Episode 222

Rukhsar promises to stop Zara and Kabir’s connection from progressing. She manipulates Zara by stating that Shahbaz could assist her and the children if she moves away in their lives. When Kabir arrives in the Ahmed home asking about the children, Rukhsar lies and instigates him contrary to Zara

Friday 5 February 2021
Episode 223

Rukhsar and Shahbaz plot to separate the children from Zara and Kabir. In the Sharia board, a few claiming to be Alisha and Zaid’s aunt and uncle document to get their custody. Zara opposes Peer Sahab’s choice to allow the police take custody of their children. Afterwards, she threatens to destroy Shahbaz’s standing unless he guarantees that the children stay in her care.

Saturday 6 February 2021
Episode 224

Peer Sahab enables the children to remain in the Siddiqui home. Rukhsar’s ploy to make more problem for Zara fails. Qazi finds Firdaus’ parents, however, their choice leaves Zara heartbroken. Rukhsar and Shahbaz plot against Zara. Rukhsar shows her true aims to Zeenat, leaving her shocked. Imran and Azra’s pre-wedding rituals start. Kabir speaks in support of Zara when Rukhsar insults her.

Sunday 7 February 2021
Episode 225

Rukhsar accuses Zara of attempting to steal jewelry and cash. But, Zara is located innocent when a proof is introduced by Zaid. Afterwards, Zara and Kabir are placed at a problem when a couple comes on to embrace Zaid with no sister Alisha. The children lock themselves in an area on learning about Zaid’s impending adoption. Zara asks Kabir to wed her for your kids’ sake, leaving Shahbaz and Rukhsar furious. But, Kabir turns down Zara’s petition.

More Zara’s Nikah February 2021 Teasers to be Available Soon.

Zara’s Nikah Zee world

This show tells the story of zara and kabir, which started when Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmad returning to Lucknow following 5 decades and finishing higher research in Islam. As soon as an argument about Triple Talaq between Zara and Kabir becomes viral online, they are made to wed each other.

Gradually after union, Zara understands her love for its still reluctant Kabir. Rukhsaar continues to be in love with him by a young age and attempts to split them up, that attracts Miraj to make gaps between Zara and Kabir though he moves rogue out to hurt everyone in the household.

Rukhsaar requires Nilofer to present as Miraj’s sister and teaches her to protect the household from Miraj except for Zara, but is subsequently married to Hamdaan Alghazi and leaves for Dubai. Miraj buys kills and out Nilofer. A misunderstanding results in Kabir divorcing Zara with the Triple Talaq clinic.

It’s shown this wasn’t part of the nuptials and Zara won’t take. Miraj informs Zara he desires her and can move to some degree, whereas she attempts to get Rukhsaar reunite to expose Miraj’s real goals but is not able to achieve her.

Miraj is detained and Kabir’s dream job loses its financing. 

Miraj’s link to Rukhsaar is disclosed before he swears revenge on Zara and Kabir who acknowledge their love. The household organize their remarriage. Ahead of this, Kabir leaves Dubai to rescue Rukhsaar from ruling in Hamdaan’s departure and ends up marrying her. He weds Zara on his own return. If Zara finds out, she’s heartbroken but decides to remain.

Kabir takes her obligation bothering Zara. Wanting Kabir to make independently, Zara proceeds to outhouse. Tabassum visits Azhar who enjoys Zara’s modern thinking. Shahbaz is currently in debt and decides to sell the home however Kashan swindles him takes possession of the home.

Kabir realises Shahbaz’s flaws and sees Zara’s well-intended proposal to him to make independently. Rukhsaar is sent into a hospital for therapy; Zeenat and Kashan team around possess Alina wed local don Salamat’s son Samir. Zara and Kabir simplifies their strategy with assistance of military officer Amir, who also and Alina fall in love and get married.

Heer’s situation is brought before the Sharia Board in which she would like to visit Delhi to examine but in vain amid her unwilling father. Zara takes the situation from Kabir and wins. Suraiya goes to Lucknow using Rizwan and intends to get him substitute Kabir as Board Head with Zeenat’s help.

Rizwan exposes Zeenat’s activities when he joins the Board and has her declared emotionally. 

She vows revenge Rizwan who begins poisoning Irfan gradually. Bilal and Kausar’s situation comes to the Board; Rizwan intends to make a rift between Zara and Kabir, who informs her that Kausar was betrothed to Kashan and eloped on marriage before Kashan wed Zeenat who had been indebted to Kausar’s family.

Everybody in the household ask Zara to disagree concerning this situation however she and Kabir decide. Entire city protests from them and Kabir also turns against Zara who’s going to drop the situation prior to Kausar’s suicide effort changes her head. Zara renders Ahmads and Shahbaz intends her murder. Kabir in a collision is evidenced by Rizwan; Zara is taken by a hitman hired by Shahbaz. Both collapse together.

A year later On Zara’s Nikah
Zara and Kabir live separately. While Zara resides with Amina, Azra and Nusu in Mumbai, Kabir lives with his family in Lucknow. Zara and Kabir have applied for a divorce wanting to free each other, but he finds Zara’s hospital reports and is shocked to discover that Zara was in a coma after being shot. Alina tries to bring them together but they see through her plan.

Zara discovers that Kabir became a writer after publishing a book on their relationship and moves to Lucknow with Azra. They finally decide to give their relationship another chance angering Zeenat and Shahbaz. Shahbaz again tries to have her killed but Kabir saves her every time.

The Ahmads rejoice at the couple’s reunion prospect and Kabir insults Irfan, asking the Qazi to beg to him to take Zara back. Upset, Zara breaks up with Kabir, while Irfan has a heart attack. Ayesha is heartbroken and asks him to leave the house. He starts living in the mosque.

One month later:

Zara learns about Ayesha’s illness from Kashan and decides to go back only for Ayesha’s sake. She decides to reunite Ayesha and Kabir on Eid. Shahbaz and Zeenat worry that Zara and Kabir might get back together so Shahbaz constantly provokes Kabir against Zara. According to the Sharia Board, all the board members should attend the Eid celebrations with their entire family.

Shahbaz tries to foil the plan but Zara is the event organizer and manages the situation. Rukhsar returns and the family is unaware of it. Zara and Azra succeed in reuniting Kabir and Ayesha with Rukhsaar’s help. Rukhsar vows to reunite Kabir and Zara.

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